Goals and Objectives

Public Relations:  From the owner of the organization to the final player on the roster, the 805 Falcons organization is comprised of strong, responsible community members.  We cherish the opportunity to build great working relationships fans, sponsors, and future players.

Customer Service:  Our organization strives to create the ultimate football experience.  People attend Semi-Pro football games to watch a quality football game.  The 805 Falcons provide our fans with great music, a variety of delicious edibles, charismatic announcing, and spirited crowds.

Volunteer Retention:  The 805 Falcons treat our volunteer staff with the utmost respect. This ensures our volunteer retention rate and gives us the opportunity to expand our personnel base and increase our community involvement.

Player/Coach Promotion:  The 805 Falcons promote players and coaches by increasing their football knowledge while they participate in our program.  We assist players by putting together highlight films and raising their awareness about upcoming tryouts for higher levels of football. 

Championships:  A great deal of our organizational success is measured on the playing field.  Our program is staffed with competent people who dedicate their time and energy to consistently creating championship level squads.  We truly believe in the correlation between handling our finances and the team playing well on the field.

Business Philosophy:  Our approach to the business side of our organization is predicated on hustle and persistence.  The Falcons are supported by donations from individuals, sponsorship from businesses, and fundraising within our community.  Our overall goal every year is to stay ahead of our finances by setting our monetary benchmarks higher than our perceived expenses.