Player of the Week – #24 RB Jaylin Amerson (Wearing Jersey #88 this game)

We opened up the 2015 Season at Richgrove School outside of Delano against the Bakersfield Broncos. This game was an absolute nightmare tatooed by unforced turnovers, a lack of enthusiasm, the inability to finish drives, and awkward big plays given up at the beginningn of the game. We gave up a pair of TD’s in the first few minutes of the game, but we finished strong as a unit. After the 2 TD’s the score held at 12-0 for the remainder of the contest.

Defensively, we played our hearts out. We were on that side of the ball most of the game. Game 1 was stamped by newcomers. Several fresh faces like DT’s Andrew Hirsch and Bryan Roughton, CB Will Fitzgerald, LB’s Anuart Mendez and Dominique Battle burst onto the scene and left their mark on the Broncos offense. Between seasons we’ve been forced to replace over half of our team, and we haven’t quite meshed yet. We still feel good about our performance on D, and we still feel like by the end of the season we’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Offensively, we struggled to execute and stay consistent. We still had plenty of positive things to take from this performance into Game 2. WR Tyrone Leekins turned wild throws and 50/50 balls into positive plays for the Falcons the entire afternoon. The Hog Mollies up front got push all afternoon long, and RB Jaylin Amerson skated and slipped into an outstanding 13 Carries for 144 Yards.

Overall, the bottom line is that the game resulted in a loss. We didn’t look prepared. The players weren’t properly evaluated leading into Week 1, and people were shuttling in and out like a pre-season game. Our organization got a late start, and our staff has been playing catch-up ever since. So, it’s on us to regroup, reevaluate, and prepare for Week 2. To our credit, we got a better feel for who’s who in gametime action. Our record says 0-1, but from here on out all we need to do is go 1-0 every week. #SwoopGroup

Bakersfield Broncos – 12
805 Falcons – 0

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