Player of the Week – #2 CB Jamel Whitaker

2 weeks in a row we traveled out to Richgrove School. An 0-2 start would no doubt send our season in a downward spiral. This was our opportunity to turn things around and get our season back on track. We knew this game would be a tough task considering we were facing good player from last year’s squad as well as another player that had been practicing with us during our off-season.

Offensively in Game 1 our team, staff, and fans endured what we thought was a frustration only meant for lowlifes and the dregs of society. Unfortunately, it was our experience and nobody elses. We just knew that it was our responsibility to pick things up in the next game. That DID NOT happen…

Once again, we didn’t put up a single point on offense. Our run game looked anemic, and our passing game was pedestrian at best. Orosi seemed to almost corner the market on easy interceptions, and once again our defense suffered. Luckily, we were equipped with depth and talent. Our defense came to play, and to defeat a team like our’s you better play 4 full quarters of football.

Late in the 3rd Quarter the game was still 0-0 when yet another unforced error by our offense caused a Safety. The 4th Quarter began, and we were down 2-0. The Stars weren’t sustaining drives either, and it was keeping us in the game. Both teams were in a stalemate, and we wondered when it was time for us to finally get some momentum going.

Last year we had a tide turning play against the Clovis Titans where SS Cory Strickland forced a fumble, and CB Jamel Whitaker scooped and scored it from 80 yards out. Could lightning strike twice? The answer is YES!

This year’s play was only 52 yards out, but we’ll take it! On a Sweep play in the middle of the 4th Quarter, SS Cory Strickland and a host of Falcon defenders had a ball carrier from the Stars cornered. Just like last year, Cory Strickland pilfered the ball, and just like last year, Jamel Whitaker scooped it up! 52 yards later it was Paydirt, and the we were back in business!

From that point the Stars began to run out of gas. They had a valiant effort to stay in the agme, but they didn’t have the depth to finish us off. Not long after, DE Shane Gilliland forced another fumble. Only this time it was DT Doniel Galloway that scooped and scored from 5 yards out. QB Tyler Jones connected with QB Tyler Jones for a much needed conversion that put us in control, 14-2.

The next drive by the Stars resulted in another Turnover, and it was Victory Formation Time! All we know is that we got our first W, and we don’t go on the road again until April 18th. We’re 1-1, and our next game is at Home! We haven’t had a Home Game since 4/5 of last year. We can’t wait to host the Sanger Renegades. One game at a time, #SwoopGroup

805 Falcons – 14
Orosi Stars – 2

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