Player of the Week – #24 RB Jaylin Amerson

Week 3 was finally here, and this was our first opportunity to show our the 805 Falcon fans what we’re all about. We were coming in as a .500 team looking to get back on the winning track, and a beautiful day at Coast Union High School seemed like the ulitmate platform to get it done.

The game started with an instant scare. The Renegades ran the ball straight up the middle for a long distance house call that got called back by an unecessary Holding Call. Fortunately, we got it together. DE Shane Gilliland forced a fumble that was recovered by fellow DT Andrew Hirsch.

Our first drive was a ground and pound affair capped off by a nifty 1 yard TD by RB Jaylin Amerson. Before Sanger could even come up for air, CB Jamel Whitaker picked off the first Renegades pass to put us back in scoring position. QB Chris Powell tossed a strike over the middle to the ever active Amerson for his second TD of the day. Suddenly, we were up 12-0.

The rest of the first half was a back and forth slugfest, action packed with sacks, turnovers, stalled drives, and tough defense. Signs of consistency were few and far between. Only a wild circus catch by WR Tyrone Leekins to close the half gave us something to hang our hat on, but we were just satisfied to go into the half with some momentum.


Unfortunately, we didn’t immediately capitalize on our momentum. After a 3 and out our offense punted the ball right back to Sanger. Luckily, playing a little defense is right in our wheelhouse. The eye in the sky, FS Darrin Tullis had been watching the Renegades QB all afternoon. The Renegades next pass was one they wish they could’ve had back as Tullis raked in a Pick 6 from 32 yards out.

Strange circumstances on the ensuing kickoff left Sanger to begin their next drive from their own 2 yard line. DT Andrew Hirsch drew the curtains on the Renegades hopes right then and there. A sack fumble sent the ball rolling out of the back of the endzone for a Safety. As the 4th Quarter expired, Sanger began to wear down.

We opened up the 4th Quarter with a quick 26 yard Dine n’ Dash to the crib by Mr Dependable, Jaylin Amerson. The benches emptied on both sides, the time ran down like rain water in a storm drain, and the Sun set on our first Home Game of the season. At the end of the day we were pleased to play a full 60 minutes and handle business in front of our home crowd. Now it’s time to heal up after our first 3 games and get some more work in. #SwoopGroup

805 Falcons 26
Sanger Renegades 0

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