On April 5th we had our second home game of the season vs the King’s Knights from Hanford.  The Knights are a South Division opponent, so we had to bring our A Game.  After a quick first possession our defense took the field and created an immediate turnover.  LB Chris Van Pelt stripped the ball from the Knight’s RB, and FS Moses Avila stole the goods for his first fumble recovery of the season.  Shortly after, QB Chris Powell connected with star CB Doug Webb Jr for a TD snag in the corner of the endzone.

Not to be outdone, the “Dark Side” followed their first turnover with an encore performance.  DE’s Trevor Marsano and Doniel Galloway sacked the Knight’s quarterback inside their own 10 yard line.  Galloway finished the job the very next play with a Safety, and suddenly the game was 9-0.  From then on, it was a seasaw battle.  RB Paul Jordan grinded out tough yards in the interior of the Knight’s defense.  Chris Powell sprinkled in a few strikes to Falcon WR’s Tyrone Leekins and Larue “El Tee” Thrower.  One such throw from Powell to “El Tee” brought the Falcons all the way down to the 3 yard line where Paul Jordan punched in an easy score.

The Knight offense began to come alive as they drove their way into Falcon territory.  But once the Kings Knights were in scoring position, Captain Doniel Galloway and company dug their talons in.  The Knight offense fizzled out on four straight downs, and the ball was back in our possession.  QB Chris Powell made them pay for their mistake.  His connection to RB Paul Jordan went for an 83 yard TD, giving us a 16-0 lead.  Both teams traded possessions back and forth, and we took our comfortable lead into the half.

The second half began very similar to the first.  Our sturdy defense forced yet another poor Knight possession, and Webb Jr’s electric punt return gave us a solid first possession.  Powell hooked up with WR Tyrone Leekins, and Paul Jordan sliced and diced his way inside the 5 yard line.  The Knights held tough and forced us to give them the ball back at their own 9 yard line.  LB Chris Van Pelt divebombed the QB all the way back to the 1 yard line.  DE Trevor Marsano and LB Steffon Lucess put a stop to the King’s Knights hopes of getting out of their own Redzone by sacking the QB for the “Dark Side’s” second safety  of the day.

In an odd twist of events, the Knights decided to Onside Kick their Safety Kickoff.  RB Andrew Lomax made a heads up play and gave us great field position down near the Red Zone.  Some timely runs by Paul Jordan set up a wild reverse play to CB Doug Webb Jr for his second TD of the day.  Already this season Webb Jr has racked up punt and kick return yardage by the truckload, out performed all of his adversaries at CB, and has now sweetened the deal by scoring a pair of TD’s on offense.  Might we have a possible SJVFL MVP candidate in the works?

The following possession was our only hiccup of the day.  Not even an explosive sack from DE Juel Eason could save the day, as the Knights got on the board for 6 points.  Momentum was beginning to swing as the Knights then recovered an Onside Kick to get themselves back in business.  Fortunately, the “Dark Side” was up for the task this time.  We held the Knights and got the ball back.  Possessions were flying back and forth once again, and the game began look a lot like Puntfest 2014.  Thank goodness that CB Ruben Gaytan was able to break the monotony with a timely interception late in the fourth.  WR Tyrone Leekins blew up the Knights final glimmer of hope with a back shoulder grenade from QB Tyler Jones.

The game wrapped up with a 30-6 victory, and…    scene…   We’re off for 2 weeks for a team Bye and then a league wide Easter Weekend Bye, so it’ll be nice to get all healed up!

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